NGINX Based Shared Hosting Servers

Hi Everyone!

We would like to share a great news to all our beloved shared-hosting users! We have recently implemented NGINX to our shared-hosting servers.

What is NGIX?

NGINX is a web server known for its astonishing performance and small footprint. This is exactly why we chose it to be our core technology: it suits extremely well in shared environments. Why? Because RAM is the single biggest hardware issue affecting web server performance (ref) and NGINX uses significantly less RAM than others.

Its development begun on 2002 and today is used by some high-traffic sites such as:
WordPress, Hulu, Github, Ohloh, SourceForge and TorrentReactor. More info.

What it means for you as our shared hosting users? You will noticed that your website will load faster and it is more responsive.

This is part of Emerain promise to built our hosting services on top of well-known open source software and in return each service is periodically optimized to deliver the best performance it virtually could.

Thank you for choosing Emerain as your preferred hosting partner!

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