Shared Hosting Level Up 2012!


We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded all our Shared hosting plans for both new and existing customers at no extra cost! We are delighted to launch this new range of Shared hosting services, which come into effect immediately.

Customers who were previously on the Shared-Basic plan, they are now will be provided with 5GB of diskspace and 50GB of bandwidth. Meanwhile, Shared-Bronze customers will now received 10GB of diskspace, 100GB of bandwidth and are allowed to host 6 domains. Customers who are currently subscribing to the Shared-Silver plan will now received 20GB of diskspace, 200GB of bandwidth and can now host 11 domains. Finally, Shared-Gold customers will now received 30GB of diskspace, 300GB of bandwidth and are allowed to host 16 domains.

Please feel free to visit the new shared hosting plans for 2012.

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